Ascon Landfill Site
Huntington Beach, California
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The public hotline is currently offline with conclusion of oil well abandonment work and will reactivate during final remedy work.


Planning and preparation for final remedy with DTSC, SCAQMD, and City of Huntington Beach. Upcoming public process for local permitting with City in 2018.

APRIL - MAY 2018

Completed oil well abandonment in Lagoon 5 and demobilization. More information about this work in Fact Sheet #18 and Ascon Community Notice, October 2017, under “Fact Sheets and Flyers.”

JULY 2017

Mobilization and field work began for Lagoon 5 stabilization and oil well abandonment.

MAY 2017

DTSC approved Final Remedial Design.

JUNE 2015

DTSC approved and certified Final Environmental Impact Report and Remedial Action Plan. More information under “Site Documents.”


This website was established to provide site-related information and current site activities to the public. The website is maintained by the Ascon Responsible Parties (RPs) and is a communication tool for all stakeholders.

The Ascon Landfill Site is a 38-acre property located at the southwest corner of Magnolia Street and Hamilton Avenue and was utilized as a licensed landfill from the 1930s to the early 1980s. With the oversight of the California Department of Toxic Substances Control, the RP's are preparing for Ascon's remediation.

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